The Final Countdown!

Less than ten days until the marathon! It looks like the weather is going to be wonderful. Good weather or bad weather I am running 26.2 miles in 9 days!  I have my race clothes ready, GU picked out, and Garmin charger ready to go. I am still deciding if I want to wear a hat or not. Also, many runners run in sunglasses. Do you think this is necessary?  Since next week will be a big taper week where I need to do minimal moving I have put six books on hold at the library. I look forward to taking time to read and relax before the race! Dr. Walden is working his magic on my foot. It feels MUCH better! Yay!

More clouds than sun. Highs in the low 60s and lows in the mid 50s.

Day Jun 16 Duluth, MN

Mostly Cloudy61°FHigh

Mostly Cloudy Chance of rain: 10% Wind: NNE at 11 mph Humidity 81% Sunrise: 5:14 am

This afternoon my two favorite people are coming to town for lunch. I look forward to taking them to the Symposium Cafe. It is a great afternoon to sit and catch up with each other on their patio. They might have to kick us out!




Happy National Running Day!


I run….. because I can!

What I miss most…. 11 days!

Since I am not able to run as much I have been trying to focus on “mentally”preparing for the marathon in 11 days. 26.2 miles in 11 days…..Even though my foot has been bothering me I am optimistic I will run under 3:30 for the marathon. I have put in the miles and am ready to race. The race is not going to be easy. There are going to be times when I want to stop, walk, or quit. These are times when I am going to have to “dig deep” and believe in myself. If you have not read the book “Mind Gym” I highly recommend it! Also, a blog I follow and Kara Goucher posted this…….

Also….Thankfully all the test results came back clear BUT I am still not able tp drive. I have gone back to being 15 again where I need a ride EVERYWHERE. The doctors told me this information like it was no big deal….w.r.o.n.g. For now I will try to stay optimistic when Bob chauffeurs me around to XC running camp, hair cuts, random Target runs, and pedicures(Maybe he will get one too!).

Things I miss from driving………

1. Singing as loud as I want to KLOVE.

2. Walking around Target store to just looking…….

3. Driving with the sun roof open.

4. Taking Louie for car rides.

5. Seat Warmers…. need I say more

6. Driving through Starbucks drive-thru

7. Going anywhere I want or need…whenever I want:)


Happy Tuesday! “Run for Life”

Fresh start & 15 days

Happy June! It has been a really really long time since I have posted…..

 Since May 1st many different things have happened. Just a few of the things include visiting the ER for the first time, having MRI and EEG, finishing my fourth year of teaching, and running running running. Since I had a seizure I can’t drive…Boo! It looks like I will be doing a lot of running and biking this summer. There are many things to look forward to in the month of June including  anniversaries, birthdays, the marathon, and much much more.

There is 15 days until the marathon. On Tuesday I experienced a horrible pain in my left foot. Seriously… can we just get to this marathon! I have heard of plantar fasciitis before but never experienced anything like it in my foot. Wow, let me tell you it does not feel good. It almost feels like sometime is stabbing a knife or needle in your foot. Pleasant right? I am determined to run this marathon in 15 days. Thankfully I have a great support from family and friends who believe in me too. I also have fantastic running friends who have provided me with some advice and encouragement. I was recommended by my friend Aaron to go to Active Release Therapy.  Dr. Walden is awesome! He was super nice and helpful. After one appointment I already feel much better. I was about to go for a 30 min. run today. I felt pretty good but I could still feel a pain in my arch. I WILL run the marathon in 15 days.

Even though these road bumps do not make me happy they do help me realize the big picture in life. Things could be much worse. My life could be much worse. I am alive, happy, healthy, and still able to run. There are many people who are struggling with worse things. So today I am thankful for my family, friends, health, and life.

No worries… no stress.. …smile…laugh…..enjoy.. Run for Life!

Lemonade! – 39 days

” When life gives you lemons…… make lemonade!”

It has been a pretty wild and unexpected week. On Tuesday (5/1) when I was running with Louie I passed out and had a seizure. Thankfully I was in good hands and was rushed off to the ER.  I do not remember anything from the event. The last thing I remember is taking off my long sleeve shirt.  God was clearly looking over me. There were people who were able to witness me passing out and help me along the way.

So for now I can’t drive a car for 6 months…. take a bath…..or clean the gutters…..I need to remember these are only minor things. They are nothing in the big picture of life. Even though this has put a slight change in my marathon training I am determined to run the marathon in 39 days. Not only am I am going to run the marathon but I will run it in under 3:30.


Happy Running!

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Guess who also will be running in Duluth on the June 16th?????




Last year when I ran the Boston Marathon I was LUCKY to run into Kara at a restaurant. I HOPE we are able to bump into each other again. I am sure she remembers me;)




Practice 1/2 Marathon

After a full week at school I was more than ready for a weekend. It was a busy week filled with teaching, coaching track (we had three meets), and the other countless things that fill up the week.  I was exhausted! Thankfully I was able to spend the weekend catching up with great friends, hanging out with Bob, resting, and running.

Since I was running the Distance Classic 1/2 marathon practice run on Sunday I was able to relax Saturday morning instead of getting up at 4:30a.m. to run. It was such a  gray and gloomy day… There is seven weeks until the marathon and yesterday I realized just how important rest is. I was able to get a bunch of things done throughout the day (including a short nap) before my afternoon run. In the early afternoon Louie and I went out for a six-mile run.  We ran 7:36 pace for six miles. He is becoming such a great runner:)My legs felt really good and I was happy I was able to run under 8 min. pace for this run.

This morning Chad and Aaron and I met at Starbucks and headed over to Augustana for the practice Distance Classic 1/2 marathon race.  (The race is May 13th) It was cold….. I was freezing…. I was crabby. I don’t deal well with being cold (It was about 50 degrees). For the first couple of miles I felt bad for Aaron and Chad because I did not say much. Sorry for being such a grump! The course was pretty uneven and went all over the place. Thankfully Chad and Aaron knew where we were going. The temperature did not pick up throughout the race, but we were able to run 7:50 pace. Finally we were on the last stretch back to Augustana and Chad let loose and picked it up the pace on the way back. Aaron and I stayed back and made our way to finish 13.1. My legs were tired and sore. Hopefully I can hydrate well today and get in four miles this afternoon with Louie. Chad and Aaron have been incredible training partners. They both are training for running races, triathlon, and an iron man! I look forward to watching their upcoming races and seeing all of their hard work pay off. They both are great examples of people who live an Uncommon Life.

I did some research on the Grandma’s Marathon today and found out that the average temperature of the marathon is 47-66 degrees.  I hope and pray it is closer to 60 degrees than 47 degrees the day of the race or I will be miserable. I found this website for discount running clothes…… Just in case it is 40 degrees the day of the marathon I am ordering some warm clothes to wear race day.

Week 12 of marathon training this week. We will max out the Yasso 800’s with 10. This workout is one where I will need to dig deep and FIND MY STRONG! Sun please come out this week!!!

Happy Running!

Week 10 & 11

Run Grandma's half marathon.It is hard to believe the marathon will be here in just 7 shorts weeks. That also means there is less than 7 weeks of school (We actually have 21 days but who is counting right:) Training has been going really well. I have been able to get in two weeks of quality miles. For the marathon I am using the training plan that Grandma’s provided on their website. This training plan has some weeks where the mileage is goes as high as 65-70. Yikes! For week 10 the training schedule had 65 miles. Instead of trying so hard to just get in 65 miles because that is what the training program said I focused on putting in quality miles. I am very thankful for the group of runners I have been able to train with. These people have become great friends! It is unreal how beneficial the winter base mileage has helped our training. Also, even though I hate doing track workouts I know the workouts are making me a better runner and getting me closer to that sub 3:30.

This is the running quote that my best friend and I (We were totally awesome co-captains) put on the back of our shirts our senior year of high school XC.  It is so true!

I apologize if this running stuff does not interest you. I am wanting to document what I do throughout training for the marathon to be able to learn and become a better runner. I have also been documenting my miles on

Week 10:Monday: Ran 5.11 mi

Tuesday: Ran 6.19 mi ( tempo- 7:54 pace)

Wednesday:Ran 6.1 mi  (3 Yasso 800’s at the track)

Thursday: off

Friday:Ran 9.07 mi

Saturday:19.77 mi/3.1 mi

Sunday:6.03 mi

Total Miles: 55

Week 11: (Currently)

Monday: 4

Tuesday: 9 miles ( Tempo- 7:41 pace) Run with the morning group.

Wednesday: 8 miles + 3 (8 Yasso 800’s slips were 3:22, 3:10, 3:18, 3:15, 3:14,3:12, 3:13, and 3:08 for an average of 3:14.) Then during our inservice we had some “stress” free time to exercise so I as fortunate to run with another teacher. It was the best feeling ever. I wish we could do this every day.

Thursday: 8 miles

Friday: 5

Saturday: 6

Sunday: 18

Total miles planned: 61 miles