Merry Month of June!

I have been wanting to make a blog and STICK to it all summer long. Well I
have decided last night to JUST DO IT! I think it will be a neat experience to
blog and be able to reference back on what happened yesterday, last week, month,
and year. So hopefully this will be something I can stick it and enjoy. I have
no decided what I am going to specifically focus on but hopefully God will lead
June has been such an exciting and FAST month. It has been fun of fun and
memorable events. Father’s day was celebrated with the Gaffney’s at Breitbach’s
Dinner. Bob and I enjoyed the drive up to Balltown and dinner. I taught summer
school for two weeks at Bettendorf Middle School and the students organized a
Blood Drive. It was a SUCCESS. The blood center did not think we could get 20
donors and we got 40+.
June is a special month for weddings and anniversaries. Sara, my best friend
from first grade got married June 11,2011. Kellie and John Wager celebrated
their 1st anniversary June 26,2011 and Bob and I celebrated year 2 on June 27,
2011. Sara, Kellie, and I have such a special friendship and we are blessed to
be able to all share a wedding month!

Tonight for our anniversary Bob and I are headed to the Blackhawk
restaurant. I am so excited. I have never been there before and they recently
have remodeled the hotel and restaurant. I am looking forward to an evening
together to  celebrate together.  I hope Bob likes my present I got him:)


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