Coffee Delight!

Good Morning!  It is a hot (90+degrees) summer day. There are so many people out and about for the 4th of July weekend. I am happy the weather is beautiful. I will take heat over rain any day.

Last night we went to the distillery in LeClaire. They were having a tasting so I thought it would be something fun to do. My sister Kristy and her boyfriend Sam joined Bob and I for the fun festivities. The tasting was delicious and then we headed to the Bier Stube for dinner. Kristy introduced me to the beer Stella. It was delicious! What a great summer night.


This morning I met the CC team for practice. Even though it was a holiday weekend 19 girls showed up. I was so excited! THe girls did a great job and got in 5 miles before 9a.m. I then ventured to  Panera. I needed to work on some school stuff so I decided to sit in the air-conditioned, sip some coffee, and get to work. It was a productive morning. I look forward to relaxing this afternoon and catching up on some reading… hopefully I do not waste too much time on a new website my sister introduced me to It is so addicting!!!!! I do not think the summer heat is going anywhere but I would like to get out this afternoon for another run or bike ride. We will see what happens.. maybe even Bob would join me.

Happy Weekend! 5 days until Mexico!!


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