Hola! Bob and I had a fantastic vacation to Mexico. Neither of us had been there before so we had open minds about what to expect. We loved every minute of it. It was so nice to get away together, leave our cell phones and computers, and just relax. We stayed at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya. The resort was very nice and had three wonderful pools, which is all Bob and I really needed.

It was so nice to relax and take a step back from the fast pace world we live in. For five days I was on no time schedule and did not have anything I had to do it except enjoy the beautiful weather and my husband.. which was not hard at all. Even though the first couple of days were cloudy and raining. Bob and I made the most of them.

Each night we made dinner reservations at a restaurant. I really looked forward to this time with Bob. We usually have a date night throughout the week but I was lucky enough to have 5 date nights in a row. We even were able to have dinner on the beach one night.

We went off the resort one day to go Zip Lining and Scuba Diving one day. The group and tour guide that we went with were fun and made the trip enjoyable. Zip lining was such a RUSH. Out of the two things, Zip lining was my favorite and I think Bob would agree. 😉 As we were traveling back and forth from the resort, we were able to see some of residential area. It is sad and unbelievable how little the people in Mexico live on. It definitely opened my eyes and made me so grateful for what I have. Also, the people at the resort were so nice and friendly. Each and every day they wait on other people and are so pleasant and upbeat about it. What a wonderful thing to remember —–Be positive, friendly, and kind!

Even though it was very hard to leave, it felt good to be home again. On our way home I felt refreshed and rejuvenated.. Ahhhhh  I was happy Bob felt refreshed as well. He was up before usual and getting ready to start his day. What a great feeling. I am ready to enjoy the rest of the summer before starting school in less than ONE month!


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