One reason I think having a blog is such a good idea for me is for documentation and MEMORY. If you ask my husband or closest friends  they will tell you I am horrible at remembering things. It can be something big or small and it is poof… GONE!

On vacation I expressed my concern to my husband about my lack of memory or ability to remember things. This really bothers me. There are so many amazing things I have experienced throughout my 25 years of life and I feel like I can only remember half of them.  I have no idea why I can’t remember some things when I can remember others. Is it because I am not trying hard enough or I just simply can’t. I did some research and it is the hippocampus part of the brain that is in charge of short and long-term memory. Either my hippocampus needs some tuning up or does not understand the importance of remembering things!

Today as I was on my run, I thought about all of the great things I have done over the summer. I have had a fantastic summer and I do not want to forget anything, so I am going to blog about them so I can look back and remember. This memory thing  is a big deal! When I have children I want to be able to tell them stories about my past.  Remembering is something I really want to work on.  I am going to continue to do some research and see how I can  get my hippocampus in shape!

Does anyone else have a hard time remembering things? Any advice?


2 thoughts on “Hippocampus

  1. Writing things down definitely helps me. This goes to my blog, my online calendar, and my school planner. All of those honestly keep my life organized and beyond. I’m glad you’ve developed a plan. Only forget the bad stuff. 😉 Good luck!

  2. I would agree with Kellie about writing things down! I have wanted to remember every minute of this pregnancy because it is such an amazing time, so I’ve been journaling and scrapbooking the last six months for him to see one day and for me to remember what it was like. It makes me wish I had done more journaling throughout my life! I also found less and less time for scrapbooking, but I do it online now (snapfish.com) which saves time and still saves the memories! Just stick with it – it will be worth it when you look back years from now and smile when you read what life brought your way! 🙂

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