During the school year I feel like I look forward to Fridays all week, but in the summer they are an extra treat! This morning I was able to enjoy some coffee and read a good book. (Thanks to the recommendation of Kellie- “Testimony”) Then I headed out for a run in the summer heat.

I have finally discovered a title for my blog! Run for Life. This idea came from my love for running as well as my desire to run for life, to reach my full potential. More information to come!


Recently I heard from one of my HS XC runners about an amazing organization that her mom has started. Live It is a non-profit organization to encourage and inspire people to live uncommon. It sounds like a fantastic organization and has great values. The two athletes that are being honored are husband and wife from LeClaire and are  truly an inspiration!

This afternoon Bob and I are headed out for happy hour drinks on a patio! I am really looking forward to this time to soak up with the sun with an ice-cold drink and my husband.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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