Wild animals on the loose….

I went to Panera today to work on some reading and writing I needed to do for my master’s class. I went after lunch thinking maybe it will be little quieter and the lunch rush would be over…………..… boy was I wrong.

At about 1:30 there was a caravan of toddlers that trampled in making it loud and clear they were present. After ordering, getting their food, and sitting down clearly NOTHING was right about their food. “I wanted Apple Juice” was heard repeatedly by the entire place. As I tried to concentrate, and hold my laughter in, many questions/thoughts went through my head.

  1. I do not know if I am cut out for children.
  2. Why are these starving children eating lunch at 1:30?
  3. Maybe the children are screaming and crying because they should be taking a nap instead of eating lunch.
  4. Because of the chaos, I cannot imagine how anyone close to them had an enjoyable lunch.

 I am sure some moms out there are swearing at me… I know this is going to come back and bit me in the butt someday when I have my own children and the exact same thing happens to me but I do not have children now so I thought I would rant…..Another funny thing that one of the boys said was when he was ordering with his mom and sister……… “If you get chips you should not be able to get a cookie because chips are bad for you.” Ha!  This also was the boy who ate off the ground! His mom was furious. After all of the entertainment I still ended up getting my work done and enjoying some coffee!

 Tonight Bob and I are having taco salads and fresh lettuce from our garden. Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Wild animals on the loose….

  1. BEST content for a post yet! Hilarious! I like your #2 and #3. haha! I think that if you already know that those kids should have been fed and should be napping, you’re one step ahead of that mother. 🙂 I hope the veggies are delicious from the Gaffney garden.

  2. Hahaha!!! Doug and I look at other parents all the time and wonder what in the world they are thinking/doing…then we stop and realize that we should keep our mouths shut because I have a feeling this little guy is going to give us a run for our money!!

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