Bright and early!

This morning I decided to get up early and go for a 12 mile long run before it got super hot outside. I wanted to beat the heat and I also like the feeling of having a long run in before going to church on Sundays. I felt really good on the run. It was my longest run since I ran the marathon in April. The last 6 miles felt much better than the first, but I seem to always need some time to get in the groove of things.

I am running a half-marathon in September and I would like to run under 1:35. My ultimate goal would be under 1:30. My fastest half-marathon has been 1:36 when I ran the Drake Half-Marathon with my friend Kellie.

My pace this morning was not very consistent from mile 1-12. Pace is something I would like to work on this week. My first mile was 8:45 and my fastest mile was 7:47. This also was the mile where this creepy man came biking next to me and said, “You have a beautiful stride.” By the way, he already had passed me once. I know this may not sound very weird, but I thought it was so creepy!

Question: What do you do to help you stay consistent on your pace?



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