2nd Place!

I want to apologize for not writing in a couple of days. I
was out of town, but do not worry I have much to share.

Throughout middle school, I had an open mind about sports
and trying new things. Softball was one sport that I tried out but was not as talented
at as I hoped. When I did play, I played third base but I spent most of the
time on the bench cheering. I think my words of encouragement were my purpose
for the team.

Well, this weekend I had a chance to bring back some of
these softball memories. Bob’s work has an annual co-ed softball tournament in
the summer. This summer it was in River Falls, Wisconsin. When Bob asked me to
play, I laughed so hard! There was no way I was playing softball. 1. I have not
played since 7th grade. 2. I am scared of the ball. 3. It is 6hrs
away. After some discussion, I finally said I would since it would be more fun
to drive 6 hrs. and do something than sit and watch.

It ended up being a good weekend and I even caught a ball in
right field…screaming the entire time. Every time someone was up to bat I was
praying the ball would not come to me. One rule I loved was when there are two
outs and a man is walked then the girl behind him gets to take a base also. I
batted behind Bob so I loved when he was walked so then I could automatically
get on base and not have to bat! On Saturday, our game was rained out so we
headed to the local bar and enjoyed good food and drinks. We played 5 games over
the weekend and got 2nd place overall! Even though I did not hit any
homeruns, I had a great time and enjoyed the weekend with the team.


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