House Cleaning

Today I have had a busy day running errands and getting the house ready for the weekend.  It is a perfect day to do these things because it is cloudy and rainy outside. Even though cleaning is not the most enjoyable thing, I am obsessed with having a clean, neat, and tidy home. I at least do laundry, clean the bathrooms, and vacuum sometime throughout the week. Today I decided to do some deep cleaning throughout the house, which was MUCH needed. I did not realize how gross the ceiling fans or the windows were. -YUCK! If I had to choose I think my favorite house “chore” would be vacuuming. I like how the carpet looks so soft and clean after. I usually find my self walking around the rugs or avoiding the carpet just so the softness can last longer. After cleaning I had a boost of energy, which gave me motivation for the afternoon.



Question: What is your favorite house “chore” to do?


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