“Doing 7 in ’11”

Ready to Run!

In less than 16 hours, 15,000 runners will be running up Brady Street hill for the BIX 7 road race. The Bix is a big event in Davenport and there will be many people from all over coming to watch and run the race. We have a bunch of friends coming into town to run the race and hang out for the weekend. I am really looking forward to this time as well as trying out my new recipes:) Bob  is not running the race, but he will be cheering on the course loud and proud with his friend Joe.  I went to go pick up my race packet today at the RiverCenter. It was very organized and many vendors there to sell goodies for tomorrow.

This is my 4th time running the 7 mile race. I am exciting and anxious about running tomorrow morning. Throughout the summer I have put in many miles, but I do not think I am in as good of shape as I was last year. My time last year was 49:00. I hope to beat this time, but if not then at least go under 52.  It will be tough and is going to take a lot of mental and physical energy to do this, but hopefully I can JUST DO IT!!

Good Luck Runners!


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