Juice Cleanse

So after talking with some of my friends and family I thought I would let everyone know the “big changes” that were coming for Bob and I. I am so happy to announce that Bob has a new job!!!! He will be starting at Deloitte in a week. Even though he is anxious to start his new job I know he is looking forward to a week off to relax and work outside.

JUICE JUICE!!! The first full day of the juice cleanse is going well. We are staying hydrated and have enjoyed trying out new juices. Bob and I stayed busy working in the yard on the patio we are making to distract us.Suprisenly, I am not starving… I really thought I would want to eat my arm off. We did find out watching T.V. is a bad thing when you have not eaten in over 40hrs because ever other commercial is one for FOOD!

Bob is determined to make it 60hrs!


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