Summer Sweet Corn!

There are so many delicious foods and drinks that go along with summer.Sweet corn is one of these foods. I definitely do not eat sweet corn very much during the summer, but when I do I savor every bite! Bob’s parents brough sweet corn this past weekend for his birthday and there was a bunch leftover. I decided to cook the corn and then freeze it so we could enjoy summer sweet corn later in the year. What a treat!

While I was cooking the corn my grandma called to chat. It is always good to catch up with her. She also was a great help with the corn. Today it was especially nice to talk to her because it brought back good memories of spending the whole summer at the farm when I was little. I remember eating all the yummy vegetables from her big garden and helping out all the farm with grandpa and my uncle Dave. The farm is where I have some of my best childhood memories.

My grandma also is a tremendous cook (like most grandmas are) so I was always fed well…. cookies..pancakes..chili..lasagna..You name it and my grandma can cook it. One thing the house was always stocked with was Schwan’s ice cream. Unfortunately, the Schwan’s man did not come to my house so it was extra special to have the ice cream at the farm. Even though the food was delicious, the memories I have from the farm are ones I cherish the most.

Speaking of summer…… it is OVER! School starts tomorrow!!!!!

Question: What are some of your greatest childhood memories?


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