New Kicks

There are many things a runner loves, but I think one thing a runner looks forward to is getting new shoes!  My feet had been hurting and the last time I got a new pair was before the Boston Marathon so I was in desire need of a new pair. I went to Running Wild and got some brand new Asics. For as long as I have been running I have bought Asics. Running Wild had the same shoe that I had before just in a different color so I bought those. They are blue instead of pink. I know they work well and I like blue! This weekend I am doing my long run on Sunday and I am looking forward to accomplishing this  with my new shoes.


What brand of tennis shoes do you like?


2 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. I had Asics last year when I first started running and really enjoyed them. I tried a new pair this summer as my stress fracture over the winter put me in the mindset that it was my shoes(even though I know it wasn’t). I have the Brooks Ravenna 2 and l love them. They are designed for heel strikers so that helps. Good luck on your long run Sunday. I am hoping for 20 Saturday if my leg can handle it.

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