Bible Study

Couple’s Bible Study!

Last night we had couple’s Bible study at our house. It was an extra special night for the couples with children because the children stayed home. Usually we get together and the parents of children get 1 sitter  for the (army of) children  while the adults get together for a bible study. Even though I was exhausted from the first week of school and practice, it was a great way to spend my Friday night.

It is so nice for Bob and I to be surrounded with positive Christian couples that are working together to strengthen their faith and walk with Christ. I love the conversations we have.  I left the night feeling closer to our group and stronger in my faith. One of the group members recommended the book “More Than Ordinary” to me and I already have put it on hold at the library!

We have done a variety of things for our Bible study. Last night we watched a Rob Bell video. It was about how we live in a materialistic world and have the desire to want more and more. Well if God really cares about us, why don’t we have what we want? Here is the video trailer to the video. Check it out!

The plan for our next study is to read “The Prayer of Jabez” I am looking forward to reading this book. It is a really short prayer-book that could be read in one sitting about how to strengthen your faith as well as the faith of others.


One thought on “Bible Study

  1. The Prayer of Jabez is wonderful!! You will love it!! I bought it before we moved into college – I should have let you borrow it!!

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