“Go the distance”

XC Season!

Ever since 8th grade I have been involved in cross-country. After running XC and track in college I knew I wanted to coach someday. Fortunately, I have been able to receive the assistant cross-country coach for the boys and girls cross-country teams at Bettendorf High School.

We had our second meet tonight. The weather was perfect for a meet. The meet was at Noelridge Park, which is also where I ran a lot during college. I enjoyed visiting the park again and being able to run around. Overall, the boys and girls did fantastic. The hard work they put in during the summer months and during practice is paying off. The girls got 4th place and the boys got 5th!

One of the highlights of the night occurred on our way home. Since we traveled over an hour for the meet we stopped at a mall for some dinner at the food court. As everyone was eating, one of the XC boys jumps up on the table and starts singing “Take a Chance on Me” to another girl. At this point, the entire boys and girls XC team as well as all the people from the entire food court are staring. As he serenades her, the rest of the team watches and snaps pictures on their camera phones. Finally, at the end of the song he asks her to the upcoming homecoming dance. It was a great performance and she said YES!



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