Embracing the Rain!

It has been a great weekend! Can it really be Sunday already?

I slept in until 7am (How sad that sleeping until 7 is sleeping in..right?) I decided to go for a run before I spend the rest of the day at Starbucks working on my final. I headed out for a 10 mile run and was enjoying every step. (The 1/2 marathon is in 1 week) After I had just finished 5 miles it started to sprinkle….No biggie… Then as I continued on it started to rain harder and harder…Instead of being irritated with being soaken wet, I embraced it! I loved the feeling of the rain running down my face and stomping in the puddles. One guy who was walking his dog on the bike bath even offered me his hooded sweatshirt for $50.. I laughed and thanked him and continued to make the journey back home.

Soon the weather will not be so nice so I am going to take in rain or shine, which is MUCH better to run in than snow.

I am sure I will be enjoying one of these as I finish my 12 page paper!!!

The XC traveled to Ames for a meet Saturday morning. It is always fun to travel with the team. It not only allows for a deeper team bond between the girls/boys but I get to know them better too! The meet was held on the Iowa State XC course and the competition was similar to what we will hopefully see at state. Not only did high school XC teams run at the there was a college race as well. I was excited to be able to watch the Mount Mercy Mustangs run too!

The weather was perfect for running.. cloudy and 62 degrees. The girls got 3rd out of 27 teams!!! The only other team that beat us was Linn Mar and Dowling. This was the first meet in 10 years that 5 girls have gone under 16min and 3 under 15min. Yay! The boys were still recovering from racing on Thursday but they still ran well and placed 17th.

Do you like running or being outside in the rain… YES? NO?



2 thoughts on “Embracing the Rain!

  1. Nice job! I love the rain also. I don’t like to start with the rain, but I don’t mind it once I am out and about. I have a 10 mile run to get in later today once Amanda gets home from a weekend in Chicago.

    Good luck finishing up your final!

  2. One week! 🙂 I’m glad you found time for yourself this morning, even if it was in the rain. I always run better in the rain. Maybe it’s because most normal people run worse, but I don’t mind it once I’m out there. Get a pumpkin latte! It’ll help you fully embrace fall!

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