Lost and FOUND

Have you ever lost something? Have you ever lost something and searched everywhere and still did not find it? Losing something is beyond frustrating.

Here is my story……..

Bob drove our car to Ames over the weekend so I was driving the big green truck. I got home Saturday night from the meet late so not only was I tired but it was dark outside. As I was walking to the house I had my hands FULL! I did my best to balance everything as I got the keys out an unlock the door. After struggling to open the door I finally plow inside and set my bags down.

Now this is where I suddenly think I blacked out or was simply too tired to think. Long story short I lost the truck keys…………. I looked EVERYWHERE for them…inside & outside.

After Bob came home on Sunday I broke the news to him and we both continued to search…nothing. I then was afraid that someone found the keys and they were making plans to break into our house and then take the truck……. You can only imagine the crazy things that went through my head. Then before I went to bed Monday night I told Bob that maybe I accidentally left them in the door and then someone took them and they are waiting to take everything in our house or even me!…..Bob was  impressed with my ridiculous wild ideas………                          We looked, searched, prayed to St. Anthony (Thanks Grandma!) and after three days of driving myself crazy……. FOUND THEM!

We were talking in the kitchen last night and I went to move the pumpkin by the window and SURPRISE!!!!! I have NO idea how they got there!!!



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