Whenever Bob and I talk about vacations or where we want to travel to next I alway struggle to pick one place. There are so many different places I want to visit. One place I want to see is California.

Well…. I am GOING!!! I am headed to San Diego tomorrow with a group of teachers to look at a charter G2 program at High Tech High. G2 stands global generation and is a program where public education focuses on developing students academics to have real life applications using technology as a tool. Students see the importance of postsecondary success through connecting academics to work, citizenship, and the community. While we are in San Diego the team of teachers will tour campus, observe students, attend a teacher panel, and plan a unit to use in 6th grade next year. I am really looking forward to a wonderful learning experience.

  Not only am I excited to see what the program has to offer and what it could do for Bettendorf, but I am excited to see California. I hear they have some pretty good wine there….:) We are only in California for three days so we are planning on making the most of the trip.

I will be sure to come back with lots of pictures and information!!!

Now I am off to pack for San Diego!!!


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