I was grateful for many things today but three things I was very grateful for were the XC girls, the warm sun, and trash bags.

After school today the XC girls team cleaned the stadium after the football game last night. I remember doing this in high school for the cross-country team as well. Side note…. Why does it seem to always be the XC team cleaning the stadium…..Do you think the football players ever clean the stadium? I am banking on No! Anyways…..We would get up early on  a Saturday morning after the football game then grab our gloves and walk the along the bleachers. When I picked up the loads of trash in high school I think I just enjoyed being with my friends and did not pay much attention to what I was doing. Yeah, I am sure we had some laughs about the ridiculous things we were finding, but overall it was no biggie.

As I was picking up piece after piece of trash today I was reflecting on how INCONSIDERATE and LAZY people are today. Unless a person  magically disappears into thin air I do not think it is possible to leave the football stadium without passing by a trash can. Why wouldn’t people just put their trash into the garbage can. There was trash everywhere! Do people think the trash they leave just flies away? Also, after cleaning up the trash I do not think I will ever be able to eat nachos with cheese again. YUCK!

Overall, the girls did a great job and we cleaned the entire stadium in 40min.

PLEASE be considerate and remember next time you are at a football game to throw your trash into the garbage can.  Thanks!


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