There are so many radio stations to listen to but K-Love is one I listen to 99% of the time I am in my car. I enjoy listening to the station and find myself taking more and more things away from what I hear. Today as I was driving home they had Josh Wilson on the station. He was being interviewed and sharing his new songs. He also was reflecting on the joys of being married for two years. He said “marriage was teaching him to be more selfless.” I think this is advice I can bring to my own marriage. It is not all about me anymore. Marriage takes two. Josh has wrote many songs and two of his songs he has written are for his wife. He also commented on the song “I will be Here” that begins with the words  “Tomorrow morning if you wake up and the sun does not appear I will be here.” I like this song and how true it is for marriage. There are going to be good and bad days in marriage but it is a lifelong committment and like Josh said ” Marriage is a choice and a convenient commitment.”

What a great way to end my day and spend the evening with my husband!



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