New Year…New Me!

Happy 2012!

A new year means a fresh start to the person I want to become. There are many things I would like to do, accomplish, and see in 2012. This blog is a way to document the great things that happen in my life throughout the year, but also hold myself accountable to my resolutions.  Along with blogging at least 5 days throughout the week I would like to do the following throughout the year to balance my life and make me the happiest person I can be.

1. Living the Uncommon LifeRead each day from the devotional by Tony Dungy “One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge.” Last year I read a daily scripture from “Jesus Calling” so I decided to change my devotional this year to try something new.

2. RUN! Run the NY Marathon (If I get in) or another marathon in under 3:33. Also, run a half marathon in under 1:38. I am still deciding on the races so I will keep you posted.

3. READ– I would like to read 24 books this year on my own outside of school, Bible Studies, and teaching.

5. Cook– I would like to venture my cooking skills (minimal) to try new recipes. We received many cookbooks for our wedding that I have never used so I am getting out the sticky notes and picking out new things to try .  

6. Spend Quality Time- Even though everyone seems to lead busy lives I want to commit to spending quality time with my husband, family, and friends. I find  myself a much happier person when Bob and I have weekly date nights or I go out for dinner with friends or family.

Here is to 2012 and a new ME. Let it be a wonderful year of many blessings!


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