Old Man Winter

Today I realized how much I HATE snow…..

1. The weather is cold.

2. Running outside in below freezing weather is not fun at all.

3. With snow on the ground my feet get wet resulting in wet shoes……wet socks….wet feet…yuck.

3. Louie experienced snow for the first time this morning and what do you know he hates it too! Now I have to fight him to go outside…super!

4. Shoveling…..Need I say more…..

5. Driving in the snow is the least bit enjoyable. It takes longer to get places… people drive crazy….and the roads are unclear.

Also, our ONLY really nice neighbors announced to us they are moving to Texas in the spring. They have family that live there but are simple sick of the cold… I think Bob, Louie, and I might join them.

Do you like winter? What do you do to make the most of the winter months?



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