App Addicted

There are over hundreds of thousands apps. I have only had my Andriod phone for about a year so I am still learning about the app world. One app that was introduced to my by a colleague was MyFitnessPal. It is an app where you log your food, exercise, and water throughout the day. Based on your height, weight, and fitness goal it creates a daily calorie goal for you. The App collaborates the food and fitness together and tells you the nutrients you received throughout the day. I am ADDICTED! Check it out!

Here are some reasons I LOVE this app-

1. I am trying to focus on nutrition and making sure I get the appropriate amount of daily nutrients needed. MyFitnessPal calculates the amount of  protein, sodium, sugars, and potassium,etc. Then you can see where you are not getting enough in or getting too much (sugar -Yikes!).

2. It has EVERY single food you can think of in the database. It is crazy! It also has a scanner so you can scan the barcode of an item and it will search for the information.

3. It factors in your exercise. Your profile has a daily calorie goal if you do not exercise and then it changes once you enter any exercise. If I exercise, you can earn more calories.

4. It is super easy & free! MyFitnessPal is an easy and free way to keep track your fitness and food throughout the day. Then at the end of the week it gives you a weekly summary of how your week went.  


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