After running yesterday with a great group of people I decided to get down to business and lock in what races I want to accomplish in 2012. John and Rick show great determination training for the 100 Mile Leadville Trail Run. The thing that amazes me is along with training for a 100 mile race which takes dedication, commitment, and time. These men have full-time jobs, wives, children, church, and countless other responsibilities. They understand the importance of balance in their life and make it happen!

Even though I think Leadville would be an incredible race to experience I am not putting it on my list of one race to complete. For me I need a race goal to be working toward to keep me motivated, especially during these winter months.

Here is the rough draft of my races. I will be finalizing it by the end of the week. If you have experienced or heard about any of these races I would love your feedback!

These are the races I would like to run in 2012:

March 10th: Over Spring Break possibly – Twin Cities Irish for the Day 10 mile run

There also is a race in Colombia, South Carolina over spring break which would be MUCH warmer than MN. Also, there is one in Hawaii, I am sure that is in the budget……

April 28th:  Drake Half Marathon- (Goal: Under 1:28)

June 16th:  Grandma’s Marathon- (Goal: Under 3:33)

September 23rd: Quad Cities 1/2 Marathon

October 7th: Chicago Marathon or Twin Cities Marathon


2 thoughts on “Racing!

  1. Awesome list! Keep us posted, so I can plan on cheering you on for at least one. I attended the MN marathon when Tony ran, and it shocked me how packed it was, but I think people like that about it. You’re always running with a crowd. Is it more or less people than Chicago?

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