I have been running ever since my 7th grade track season. When I started track I had no idea 14 years later I would still have a passion for running. Often times when someone asks me about running or working out their comment is “I am not a runner or I can’t run.” I am here to tell you that this statement is not true. Even though I have been running for over half my life, anyone can become a runner. It does not matter how fast or slow you run or how far you go. The only thing that matters is that you are motivated to accomplish YOUR personal goals. It is easy to compare yourself to someone else, especially during sports. Try to not focus on the time, length, and accomplishments of others, focus on YOUR training.

Move it!

This morning I ran with the Leadville group again. Many people are not able to experience the beautiful sunrise on a Saturday morning. I feel blessed to have been able to today! I met the Leadville group at 5:30 and went the 15.7 miles. This is the farthest I have gone since March. Wow! The run felt great. I could not have done it without a dedicated group of men to run with. This group of runners motivates me to be come a better person and runner beyond belief.

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With running I do not think it always has to be about how fast or how far you run. It is the actual act of getting it done. Anyone can be a runner. You have to believe and motivate yourself to get off the couch or get out of bed to do so.

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 Make a change today to motivate yourself to run and become the best person you can be.



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