Soul Searching!

Father Mike discussed in his sermon today the importance of being a servant for Christ and the person God has called you to be. In order to do this you have to spend time alone with God listening. He discussed the importance of being confident in who you are. “Can you confidently say your life is the way you want it to be?” “Are you confident that you are living a life for Christ, one that you are happy with?”

Life is hard, but we have to push through and have faith that God has a plan for us. This week do some Soul Searching…Look into a mirror… Are you the person you truly want to be? Are you taking time to listen to God to find out what he has planned for you?

Instead of checking your email or Facebook for the 100th time a day, take 10min. to reflect, soul search, and decide who you are truly called to be.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Beautiful Sun Set Beach




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