High of 75!

What another beautiful day! I feel like I am getting so spoiled with this wonderful weather. Bob and I enjoyed lunch together OUTSIDE on the patio at Symposium. I loved it! Here is a list of the things that have filled my day so far.

  • Good Morning America with a cup of java (I am going to miss this when I go back to school)
  • Lunch date with Bob- Delicious mushroom wrap and great conversation
  • 11 mile run- The run went really well today. This is the longest I have run by myself in a long time. I had to be mentally tough. I also was happy with the way I ran since I was feeling pretty tired and sore yesterday. Since going to the chiropractor on Monday my body has been so tired and sore. He really cracked the heck out of me. To give my body a break I decided to take yesterday off from running and just take Louie for a walk. This was a much needed day of rest. It keeps me in check to understand how important it is to take rest days too.

Funny and kinda creep thing happened on the last mile… This old man driving a maroon mini van waved me by as he was stopped at a stop sign and gave me the thumbs up as I ran by. I thought to myself, “Oh what a nice and encouraging old man.” Then as he turned he yelled out the window, “I just had to let a nice girl running like you go by!” I turned to thank him.. not knowing what to say and went along my merry way. All of a sudden I hear a car pulling up behind me… IT WAS THE SAME OLD MAN! He proceeded to yell out the window, ” Nice running, if I had those clothes I would go running too.” OMG I was wearing a t-shirt and capri running pants. Even though I was a little (A-LOT) creeped out, I continued to run and made it home safe. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t look behind me to make sure the mini van old man was not following me.

Do you have any wild, weird, creepy running experiences?

  • Car Sparkling Clean-  I seem to feel so much better driving my car when it is clean!
  • Some Spring online shopping

Looking forward to a relaxing afternoon outside. Louie loves this weather too!


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