90 Days!

Even though spring break has come to an end I had a fantastic week. I could not have asked for better weather. Each and every day it was beautiful outside. It was a great week of training, relaxing, reading, and spending time with others!

Louie LOVED hanging out on the porch ALL day long. He is going to go through withdrawals tomorrow when I have to go back to school. I asked Bob if I could be a stay at home dog owner and sit in the red chair reading books all day long:)


Saturday was the first race for the Live Uncommon REVOLUTION Race Team. There are about 30 people on the race team. Runners are simply a special group of people. I was so happy to be able to meet other people from the Quad Cities working to not only better the community but themselves. It was a perfect morning for a 5K race. Downtown Davenport was packed with runners and super fans who were covered in GREEN! I did not know what to expect going into the race. I have not raved a 5K in a long time and have been training for the marathon.  I ended up running 20:25. Overall, I was happy with the results considering I did not train for the race. After I finished the race I was most excited about being able to run with one of my athletes!! Middle school track starts on Tuesday and I was happy to have one of the girls who will be on my team speed past me the last mile. I look forward to coaching her and watching her grow as a runner. It is going to be a fantastic track season!!


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