Package + Half Way

I order some books from Amazon a couple of days ago and today I was pleasantly surprised to receive them in the mail. I look forward to starting them this week. One is for the Faith Study I am in with a group of women. The other one is a running book I have heard great things about so I wanted to give it a try.

I have entered week 8/16 of marathon training. For the month of March I logged 223 miles. This is more miles than I have ever ran in one month. Since February 2011 I have logged my miles on It is a fantastic website that records miles, minutes, workout, and conditions as well as provides you with other interesting information. For example I have burned over 895 donuts and have saved more than 82.26 gallon of gas:) Dailymile allows me to track my weekly miles and see the process  throughout the marathon training.

By logging on dailymile I have been able to look at the improvement the 6b46 crew has made since November. It is unreal to see the progress that the group of “crazies” has made running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Not only has this group of people helped me to become a stronger runner, but I have been able to develop great friendships. The conversation flows in the morning as we glide around Bettendorf. I feel thankful and blessed by these group of people. There is no way I would do Yasso 800’s without them. Running around the track has never my favorite thing to do.  Also, it is much easier to get up  at 4a.m. for a 18 mile run when you know you have a great group of people waiting to run it with you!

74 days until the marathon- Run on!


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