Live Uncommon

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The Saturday morning running group is growing like crazy! We had a great group of people who met at Crow Creek early and ran through the streets of Bettendorf. Thanks to Mr. Byrne who took this picture. This is a group of quality people. This group is a true example of people who live the uncommon life. I feel very blessed to be a part of the running group. The conversations flowed throughout the run and made a 17mile run seem like nothing. I am half way in my training for the marathon. I feel confident that the miles I am putting in and adding track workouts will allow me to achieve my goal. More important on June 16th if I don’t achieve my goal of running under 3:30 (hopefully 3:20) the journey and friendships I have made throughout training are much more rewarding.

Run for life!

Grandma’s Week 8: 4/2-4/8

Total Miles: 54

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 11 – Ran 6.33 with  6b46 and 4.23 with Louie after practice

Wednesday:8- 4X800’s on the track. Thanks to Uhde and Maurer for pushing me to get this workout in. Ran 3:26,3:11,3:08,3:07)

Thursday:8- Ran 8 with 6b46 crew.

Friday:5- Easy 5 with Louie!

Saturday:17- Morning run with the group!

Sunday: I have 5 planned

 8 weeks down 10 weeks to go!





One thought on “Live Uncommon

  1. You’re well on your way to making your goal. Some people don’t put that many miles on their car in a month! 😉 Cool to have a photo of your group. You stand out with that neon jacket! Keep up the good work!

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