Week 10 & 11

Run Grandma's half marathon.It is hard to believe the marathon will be here in just 7 shorts weeks. That also means there is less than 7 weeks of school (We actually have 21 days but who is counting right:) Training has been going really well. I have been able to get in two weeks of quality miles. For the marathon I am using the training plan that Grandma’s provided on their website. This training plan has some weeks where the mileage is goes as high as 65-70. Yikes! For week 10 the training schedule had 65 miles. Instead of trying so hard to just get in 65 miles because that is what the training program said I focused on putting in quality miles. I am very thankful for the group of runners I have been able to train with. These people have become great friends! It is unreal how beneficial the winter base mileage has helped our training. Also, even though I hate doing track workouts I know the workouts are making me a better runner and getting me closer to that sub 3:30.

This is the running quote that my best friend and I (We were totally awesome co-captains) put on the back of our shirts our senior year of high school XC.  It is so true!

I apologize if this running stuff does not interest you. I am wanting to document what I do throughout training for the marathon to be able to learn and become a better runner. I have also been documenting my miles on dailymiles.com.

Week 10:Monday: Ran 5.11 mi

Tuesday: Ran 6.19 mi ( tempo- 7:54 pace)

Wednesday:Ran 6.1 mi  (3 Yasso 800’s at the track)

Thursday: off

Friday:Ran 9.07 mi

Saturday:19.77 mi/3.1 mi

Sunday:6.03 mi

Total Miles: 55

Week 11: (Currently)

Monday: 4

Tuesday: 9 miles ( Tempo- 7:41 pace) Run with the morning group.

Wednesday: 8 miles + 3 (8 Yasso 800’s slips were 3:22, 3:10, 3:18, 3:15, 3:14,3:12, 3:13, and 3:08 for an average of 3:14.) Then during our inservice we had some “stress” free time to exercise so I as fortunate to run with another teacher. It was the best feeling ever. I wish we could do this every day.

Thursday: 8 miles

Friday: 5

Saturday: 6

Sunday: 18

Total miles planned: 61 miles


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