Practice 1/2 Marathon

After a full week at school I was more than ready for a weekend. It was a busy week filled with teaching, coaching track (we had three meets), and the other countless things that fill up the week.  I was exhausted! Thankfully I was able to spend the weekend catching up with great friends, hanging out with Bob, resting, and running.

Since I was running the Distance Classic 1/2 marathon practice run on Sunday I was able to relax Saturday morning instead of getting up at 4:30a.m. to run. It was such a  gray and gloomy day… There is seven weeks until the marathon and yesterday I realized just how important rest is. I was able to get a bunch of things done throughout the day (including a short nap) before my afternoon run. In the early afternoon Louie and I went out for a six-mile run.  We ran 7:36 pace for six miles. He is becoming such a great runner:)My legs felt really good and I was happy I was able to run under 8 min. pace for this run.

This morning Chad and Aaron and I met at Starbucks and headed over to Augustana for the practice Distance Classic 1/2 marathon race.  (The race is May 13th) It was cold….. I was freezing…. I was crabby. I don’t deal well with being cold (It was about 50 degrees). For the first couple of miles I felt bad for Aaron and Chad because I did not say much. Sorry for being such a grump! The course was pretty uneven and went all over the place. Thankfully Chad and Aaron knew where we were going. The temperature did not pick up throughout the race, but we were able to run 7:50 pace. Finally we were on the last stretch back to Augustana and Chad let loose and picked it up the pace on the way back. Aaron and I stayed back and made our way to finish 13.1. My legs were tired and sore. Hopefully I can hydrate well today and get in four miles this afternoon with Louie. Chad and Aaron have been incredible training partners. They both are training for running races, triathlon, and an iron man! I look forward to watching their upcoming races and seeing all of their hard work pay off. They both are great examples of people who live an Uncommon Life.

I did some research on the Grandma’s Marathon today and found out that the average temperature of the marathon is 47-66 degrees.  I hope and pray it is closer to 60 degrees than 47 degrees the day of the race or I will be miserable. I found this website for discount running clothes…… Just in case it is 40 degrees the day of the marathon I am ordering some warm clothes to wear race day.

Week 12 of marathon training this week. We will max out the Yasso 800’s with 10. This workout is one where I will need to dig deep and FIND MY STRONG! Sun please come out this week!!!

Happy Running!


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