Lemonade! – 39 days

” When life gives you lemons…… make lemonade!”

It has been a pretty wild and unexpected week. On Tuesday (5/1) when I was running with Louie I passed out and had a seizure. Thankfully I was in good hands and was rushed off to the ER.  I do not remember anything from the event. The last thing I remember is taking off my long sleeve shirt.  God was clearly looking over me. There were people who were able to witness me passing out and help me along the way.

So for now I can’t drive a car for 6 months…. take a bath…..or clean the gutters…..I need to remember these are only minor things. They are nothing in the big picture of life. Even though this has put a slight change in my marathon training I am determined to run the marathon in 39 days. Not only am I am going to run the marathon but I will run it in under 3:30.


Happy Running!

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