What I miss most…. 11 days!

Since I am not able to run as much I have been trying to focus on “mentally”preparing for the marathon in 11 days. 26.2 miles in 11 days…..Even though my foot has been bothering me I am optimistic I will run under 3:30 for the marathon. I have put in the miles and am ready to race. The race is not going to be easy. There are going to be times when I want to stop, walk, or quit. These are times when I am going to have to “dig deep” and believe in myself. If you have not read the book “Mind Gym” I highly recommend it! Also, a blog I follow and Kara Goucher posted this…….

Also….Thankfully all the test results came back clear BUT I am still not able tp drive. I have gone back to being 15 again where I need a ride EVERYWHERE. The doctors told me this information like it was no big deal….w.r.o.n.g. For now I will try to stay optimistic when Bob chauffeurs me around to XC running camp, hair cuts, random Target runs, and pedicures(Maybe he will get one too!).

Things I miss from driving………

1. Singing as loud as I want to KLOVE.

2. Walking around Target store to just looking…….

3. Driving with the sun roof open.

4. Taking Louie for car rides.

5. Seat Warmers…. need I say more

6. Driving through Starbucks drive-thru

7. Going anywhere I want or need…whenever I want:)


Happy Tuesday! “Run for Life”


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